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Session:   8.8 Acoustic telemetry and communication I (Virtual)
Co-Chair(s):   Venugopalan Pallayil
Day:   Thursday, February 2022
Time:   14:00 - 15:30 local Chennai IST time zone (GMT +5:30)
Room:   Kolleru Hall  


Presenting Author:   Luyu LiTianjin University
Paper Title:   Correction Mechanism Based on Shallow Water Target Passive Positioning
Author(s):   Luyu Li, Tianjin University
Jingjing Fan, Tianjin University
Rong Fan, Tianjin University
Xiaomei Fu, Tianjin University
Yishan Su, Tianjin University
Yun Li, Guangxi University of Finance and Economics

Presenting Author:   Weikun ZhaoUniversity of South China
Paper Title:   A Joint Power Allocation and Scheduling Algorithm Based on Quasi-Interference Alignment in Underwater Acoustic Networks
Author(s):   Chaofeng Wang, University of South China
Weikun Zhao, University of South China
Zhicheng Bi, University of South China
Yaping Wan, University of South China

Presenting Author:   Tianshun HanOcean University of China
Paper Title:   A Convolutional Neural Network Based BPSK Demodulator for Underwater Acoustic Communication
Author(s):   Tianshun Han, Ocean University of China
Zhensheng Shi, Ocean University of China
Haiyong Zheng, Ocean University of China
Junyu Dong, Ocean University of China
Zhaorui Gu, Ocean University of China
Bing Zheng, Ocean University of China

Presenting Author:   Ritesh KumarIIT Delhi
Paper Title:   Sub-space based sparse channel estimation method with improved performance under noisy environment
Author(s):   Ritesh Kumar, IIT Delhi
Vijay Bhadouria, IIT Delhi
Monika Agarwal, IIT Delhi

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