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HAN, Mr. Tianshun    A Convolutional Neural Network Based BPSK Demodulator for Underwater Acoustic Communication Virtual Acoustic telemetry and communication I
KUMAR, Mr. Ritesh    Sub-space based sparse channel estimation method with improved performance under noisy environment Virtual Acoustic telemetry and communication I
LI, Ms. Luyu    Correction Mechanism Based on Shallow Water Target Passive Positioning Virtual Acoustic telemetry and communication I
ZHAO, Weikun    A Joint Power Allocation and Scheduling Algorithm Based on Quasi-Interference Alignment in Underwater Acoustic Networks Virtual Acoustic telemetry and communication I
BABU T P, Mr. Sameer    Chirp Slope Keying: A Practical Benchmark Modulation Scheme for Underwater Acoustic Channel Replay Simulation Virtual Acoustic telemetry and communication II
WANG, Ms. Yu    Sparse Adaptive Channel Estimation based on l0-PRLS Algorithm for Underwater Acoustic Communications Virtual Acoustic telemetry and communication II
XU, Ms. Yini    Design and Implementation of A Transport Protocol with Network Coding for Delay Tolerant Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks Virtual Acoustic telemetry and communication II
ZHANG, Mr. Yonglin    Complex-valued Deep Network aided Channel Tracking for Underwater Acoustic communications Virtual Acoustic telemetry and communication II
CHAKRABORTY, Dr. Bishwajit    Characterization of carbonate platform bathymetry off western India employing multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis (MFDFA) Virtual Acoustical oceanography
K, Mr. Noufal    Sediment Parameter Inversions in the East China Sea Virtual Acoustical oceanography
POTTY, Prof. Gopu    Seabed Characterization using Acoustic Pressure and Particle Velocity Data Virtual Acoustical oceanography
V, Mr. Jojish    Dynamic Reliability Estimation for Towed array sonars Virtual Acoustical oceanography
ORUC, Mr. Oguzhan    Nonlinear System Identification and Motion Control Design for an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Virtual Automatic Control
PLESTAN, Prof. Franck    A novel control strategy of variable speed floating wind turbine in Region II Virtual Automatic Control
VON ELLENRIEDER, Prof. Karl    Control barrier function based collision avoidance control for underactuated USVs Virtual Automatic Control
ZHANG, Dr. Guorong    Path Tracking of Dynamic Positioning Ship Based on MIMO Self-coupling PI Controller Virtual Automatic Control
BAWEJA, Mr. Paramjit    Acoustics Based Docking for a Coral Reef Monitoring Robot (C-Bot) Virtual Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - I
GOH, Mr. YewKee    AUV online path re-planning for optimal sonar area coverage Virtual Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - I
GUGGILLA, Mr. Mukesh    Numerical Study of the Hydrodynamics of Flying Wing Autonomous Underwater Gliders for Shallow Water Maneuvering On-site Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - I
HASABNIS, Mr. Parth    Ekagra, an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle: Cost-Effective System Design and Implementation. Virtual Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - I
LAKHEKAR, Dr. Girish    Design and Development of Disturbance Observer Based Second-Order Sliding Mode Controller for Depth Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Virtual Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - I
PANIGRAHI, Siddhant    Mathematical modelling and control of a submersible multi-medium UAV. On-site Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - I
R, Dr. Narayanamoorthi    High Performance Coupling Resilient Fast Wireless Power Transfer Charging Modules for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles On-site Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - I
VENKATARAMAN, Dr. Hrishikesh    Integration of Gazebo and ROS for Underwater Vehicle Environment On-site Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - I
ALDHAHERI, Ms. Sara    Underwater Robot Manipulation: Advances, Challenges and Prospective Ventures Virtual Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - II
D, Mr. Vignesh    Numerical Study on Biomimetic Flapping Foil Propulsion System in Open Water Condition On-site Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - II
DEUTSCH, Mr. Clemens    Fuel Cells in Practice: Challenges and Benefits for AUVs On-site Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - II
GUPTA, Ms. Ayushi    Design of Battery Management System for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Virtual Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - II
GUPTA ROY, Mr. RUPAM    A Novel Optimal Robust SMC for Heading Angle Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Virtual Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - II
HAN, Mr. Peiyu    Research on non-singular terminal sliding mode control of a fuzzy switching term in UUV dynamic recovery Virtual Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - II
S, Mr. Rajesh    Adaptation of land based Hydraulic Pump for Deep sea Applications: Testing and Qualification On-site Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - II
TACHER, Loic    Autonomous and responsive multi-robot system for minehunting On-site Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - II
WANG, Ms. Lulu    Event-triggered-based finite-time cooperative formation control for USVs Virtual Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - II
D, Ms. Nivedhitha    Localization Systems for Autonomous Operation of Underwater Robotic Vehicles: A Survey Virtual Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - III
ISOKEIT, Mr. Cedric    Efficient Complete Coverage Path Planning for Collaborative Survey Tasks by AUVs Virtual Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - III
J R, Mr. Sukesh    Design and Performance Analysis of Bio-Inspired Remotely Operated Vehicle (with emphasis on MATE ROV explorer challenge) Virtual Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - III
SAWA, Dr. takao    A pool test of fiber-coupled optical wireless communication with underwater drone Virtual Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - III
SEKIMORI, Yuki    Bearing-Only Aided Azimuth, Elevation, Depth Difference Self-localization for Multiple AUVs Virtual Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - III
TONIO, Ms. Angela    Estimation of Force and Moment Coefficients for DARPA SUBOFF using USAF DATCOM Method Virtual Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - III
DESAI, Mr. Ravishankar    Yaw channel control of an autonomous underwater vehicle via sliding mode control based on an extended state observer Virtual Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - IV
LINIGER, Dr. Jesper    On Marine Growth Removal on Offshore Structures Virtual Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - IV
RAYAPROLU, Mr. Shashank    Towing tank experiments on underwater gliders for varying angles of attack Virtual Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - IV
YASHIRO, Mr. Yusuke     Development of applicable reinforcement learning compensator using ranking information for AUV Virtual Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - IV
JESUS, Mr. André    Underwater Object Classification and Detection: first results and open challenges Virtual Classification and pattern recognition
LINIGER, Dr. Jesper    On the Autonomous Inspection and Classification of Marine Growth on Subsea Structures Virtual Classification and pattern recognition
M, Ms. Ajisha    Tracking of Underwater Objects with Occlusion Awareness using an Adaptive DEEP SORT and GMM Approach Virtual Classification and pattern recognition
QU, Mr. Yi    3D Deep Residual Convolutional Neural Network for Underwater Acoustic Source Localization Using Local Acoustic Intensity Field Virtual Classification and pattern recognition
MUTUKURU, Prof. MUNI REDDY    Sediment Transport and Morphodynamic Modelling and Field Measurements along the Rapidly Developing Coastline On-site Coastal Protection I
NIMMA, Mr. Rambabu    A Review on Methodologies to Upgrade the Coastal Structures to Enhance the Coastal Resilience Virtual Coastal Protection I
PARAVATH, Mr. KUNHIMAMMU    Impact of Estuarine Breakwaters on Adjacent Shorelines at Muthalapozhy Harbour in Kerala On-site Coastal Protection I
PATEL, Mr. Dhavalkumar    Experimental investigation of tsunami run-up reduction in the presence of a coastal dune Virtual Coastal Protection I
RAMNATH, Dr. Vinod    Evolving Airborne Bathymetric LiDAR to new depths with Artificial Intelligence Virtual Coastal Protection I
RANGANATHAN, Dr. Sundaravadivelu    Alternative long term durable coastal protection methods for a moderately eroding odisha coast On-site Coastal Protection I
RAVINDAR, Dr. Rajendran    Study on the Load Altering Capability of Recurve Parapets Using Model Scale Experiments Virtual Coastal Protection I
SUNDARAVADIVELU, Mr. Sakthivel    Wave basin model study for Offshore Breakwater at Udangudi, India On-site Coastal Protection I
D, Ms. Nandhini    Seasonal Flow Characteristics of Kandla Creek through In-situ Measurements On-site Coastal Protection II
P, Dr. Chandramohan    Field Studies Technology & Significance for Coastal Engineering Projects On-site Coastal Protection II
JENNATH, Ms. Aysha    Migration as a Response to Climate Disasters in Coastal Areas: Insights from Kerala, India Virtual Coastal Zone Management
JEYARAJ, Mr. Satheeshkumar    Application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in the assessment of beach volume change ? A case study of Malgund beach Virtual Coastal Zone Management
MAMODE, Ms. Shameelah    Mapping of Underwater Cultural Heritage: The Geophysical Survey and Data Management of HMS Sirius Shipwreck Virtual Coastal Zone Management
RAVICHANDRAN, Dr. Vijaya    Field testing of suction pile pullout capacity in soft marine clay in nearshore waters Virtual Coastal Zone Management
A S, Mr. KIRAN    Sustainable opening of Adayar River mouth Virtual Coastal, Port and Harbour - I
BOSE, Mr. RAJAN BABU    Invitro Bio-Mediated Beach Sand Stabilization Solves the Geotechnical Challenge of Coastal Erosion Protection Virtual Coastal, Port and Harbour - I
M, Captian Anbarasan    Shoreline prediction due to extension of breakwater and control of erosion by artificial nourishment for development of port at Cuddalore, India On-site Coastal, Port and Harbour - I
S, Mr. Sakthivel    Ropax jetty and allied infrastructure connecting kaninali & talachua On-site Coastal, Port and Harbour - I
SATHIYAMOORTHY, Mr. Kreesa Kumaran    Extension of Passenger Jetty Using Interconnected Concrete Block and Gabion Boxes at Vivekendhar Rock Memorial Kanyakumari India On-site Coastal, Port and Harbour - I
SUNDARAVADIVELU, Mr. Sakthivelu    Hirakud Dam Jetty For Different Water Level On-site Coastal, Port and Harbour - I
TAVVA, Mr. Abhishek    Shoreline Response Evaluation System (ShoRES) : Case studies Virtual Coastal, Port and Harbour - I
ALLURI, Mr. Satya Kiran    Numerical investigation of wave interaction and breaking near a wedge shape submerged reef On-site Coastal, Port and Harbour - II
P.K, Dr. Suresh    Numerical Model Studies for Optimum Layout of Breakwater along South West Coast On-site Coastal, Port and Harbour - II
PERUMALSAMY, Ms. Kavitha    Rock Type and Berthing Velocity of 80000T Vessel on Design of Berthing Structure Virtual Coastal, Port and Harbour - II
RANGANATHAN, Prof. Sundaravadivelu    Design optimisation of offshore breakwater based on 2D model study On-site Coastal, Port and Harbour - II
S, Mr. Harish    Numerical Investigation of Tsunami-like Bore Induced Forces on Overtopped Buildings Virtual Coastal, Port and Harbour - II
SEKAR, Ms. Preethi    Impact of Cyclones and Surge on Slope Stability of Rubble Mound Seawall Virtual Coastal, Port and Harbour - II
SELVARAJ, Dr. Sherlin Prem    Design of Gabion Reinforced Railway Embankment Connecting Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal On-site Coastal, Port and Harbour - II
THITE, Mr. Shashank    Open Type Berthing Structure with Pile Sheet Pile Wall Virtual Coastal, Port and Harbour - II
SANFILIPPO, Dr. Luca    Reliable field deployment and data collection of in-situ nutrient probes in tropical marine environments Virtual Commercial Presentation
SCHLOSS, Jacob    Rapid video system development with Opaleye, an open source portable video toolkit Virtual Commercial Presentation
ANBU, Mr. Gnanaraj    Real-time Monitoring of Riser System Using Acoustic Positioning System On-site Deepwater Technology
CHINNAPAIYAN, Mr. Janarthanan    Deep Water Locomotion Tests of Polymetallic Nodule Mining Machine On-site Deepwater Technology
PANI, Ms. Soumyashree    Analysis of Spar with floating dock On-site Deepwater Technology
SINGH, Mr. Ramanand    A Deep Sea Completion Fluid Technology- Novel High density Brine- Based Completion Fluid for Applications in High Pressure and High Temperature Petroleum Reservoirs On-site Deepwater Technology
SRIDHAR, Mr. K    Motion Response Analysis of Non-Ship Shaped FPSO for Deep water On-site Deepwater Technology
GU, Mr. Zhiqiang    Ship motion prediction based on ConvLSTM and XGBoost variable weight combination model Virtual General Poster Session
LIANG, Mr. Haitong    A New Nonlinear Compliant Mechanism for Harvesting Energy from Ocean Waves Virtual General Poster Session
MK, Mr. Rafeeque    Functional performance of coastal protection structures Virtual General Poster Session
RATNAM, Mr. KRUPA    Multivariate approach for evaluating the significant sources influencing the variation of coastal water quality in Swarnamukhi river estuary, Nellore, India Virtual General Poster Session
S, Dr. VENKATNARAYANAN    Effect of constant darkness on the survival of planktonic organisms - with implications on ballast water management Virtual General Poster Session
SILVA, Eduardo    An holistic monitoring system for measurement of the atmospheric electric field over the ocean - the SAIL campaign Virtual General Poster Session
TAKAHASHI, Dr. Narumi    Direct tsunami damage prediction using oceanfloor network system Virtual General Poster Session
ALLA, Mr. Durga Nooka Venkatesh    Vision based deep learning algorithm for underwater object detection and tracking On-site Imaging and Vision I
DE ALCANTARA ANDRADE, Dr. Fabio    Detection and tracking of crossing vessels for small autonomous vessels equipped with stereo camera On-site Imaging and Vision I
LANG, Kaiqi    Image Fusion Method for Improving the Accuracy of Ocean Plankton Recognition Virtual Imaging and Vision I
LI, Dr. Tengyue    Underwater Image Deblurring Framework Using A Generative Adversarial Network Virtual Imaging and Vision I
R, Ms. Monika    Perceptual Variance Weight Matrix-based Adaptive Block Compressed Sensing for Marine Image Compression Virtual Imaging and Vision I
WANG, Ms. Jiaoyan    A design of Underwater Wireless Optical Communication system based on OFDM technology Virtual Imaging and Vision I
BALAKRISHNAN, Mr. Arun    Classification of Low Quality Underwater Objects Using Convolutional Neural Networks and Transfer Learning On-site Imaging and Vision II
BISLA, Ms. Nidhi    Siimulator for underwater 3D acoustic imaging Virtual Imaging and Vision II
CUELLAR, Prof. Francisco    ROV Inspection System with Vision-based Color Correction and Tracking Algorithm for High Depth and Low Light Ecosystems Virtual Imaging and Vision II
GUO, Mr. Zonghui    Unsupervised Underwater Image Clearness via Transformer Virtual Imaging and Vision II
HUANG, Ms. Yiqing    Marine Snow Removal Virtual Imaging and Vision II
K, Mr. Prabhakaran    Underwater Image and Video Processing to Detect Polymetallic Nodule Abundance Using Haar-Cascade and Template Matching Feature On-site Imaging and Vision II
PENG, Ms. Luyuan    Regressing Poses from Monocular Images in an Underwater Environment On-site Imaging and Vision II
TANAKA, Riko    Sequential Fish Catch Counter Using Vision-based Fish Detection and Tracking Virtual Imaging and Vision II
BHARTI, Mr. Rahul    Flow Analysis of Manned Submersible On-site Manned underwater vehicles
CHOWDHURY, Dr. TAMSHUK    Jettisoning Systems of Deep Sea Manned Submersibles: A Review On-site Manned underwater vehicles
RAJU, Mr. Ramesh    Fault-tolerant control system of deep water manned submersible MATSYA 6000 On-site Manned underwater vehicles
DIDENKULOVA, Dr. Ira    Freak wave accidents in 2019-2021 Virtual Marine Environment
G, Dr. Uma    Assessment of input and dissipation packages for significant wave height during Tropical cyclones of varying intensity in Bay of Bengal Virtual Marine Environment
MUKHERJEE, Ms. Pubali    Comparative analysis of buoy winds over the Arabian Sea with Era-interim, IMDAA, NCEP-FNL, and Scatsat-1 Virtual Marine Environment
TRAN, Ms. Huyen    Assessments of surface current variability along the mid-southern coast of Vietnam from high-frequency (HF) radar measurements Virtual Marine Environment
HE, Dr. Linbang    High-accuracy seabed sediment classification using multi-beam acoustic backscatter data Virtual Marine geology and geophysics
K. K., Ms. Aswini    Insights into the Long Period Earthquakes detected by Ocean Bottom Seismometer experiment in the Andaman Sea Virtual Marine geology and geophysics
L., Dr. Surya Prakash    Geochemical studies of Fe-Mn-oxides from the Southwest Indian Ridge: A new tool for the exploration of seafloor hydrothermal activity on off-axis Virtual Marine geology and geophysics
M.A., Mr. Sarunlal    Environmental magnetic records of the sediments of the Andaman Sea: Evidence for late Quaternary changes in provenance and monsoon Virtual Marine geology and geophysics
TRIVEDI, Mr. Akash    Response of Arctic Methane hydrate to the rise in bottom water temperature and relative sea-level over past 11000 years Virtual Marine geology and geophysics
FERREIRA, Dr. Fausto    Creating a remote access-ready infrastructure for the future Virtual Marine Law, Policy and Education
KUMAR, Mr. Sathish    Phytoplankton abundance and its implication in ballast water management system in Indian scenario Virtual Marine Law, Policy and Education
LIU, Dr. Zhao    The Status and Role of the Sovereign States in the Construction of the Biodiversity of Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (BBNJ) System Virtual Marine Law, Policy and Education
MATHEW, Dr. Emil    The Recycling of Ships Act 2019: Prospects for a Sustainable Ship Recycling in India Virtual Marine Law, Policy and Education
MUTHUKUMARAVEL, Mr. Soundararajan    An Assessment of technologies requirements in Open sea cage farming for Indian sustainable Aquaculture On-site Marine Law, Policy and Education
PATIL, Mr. Mahesh    Smarter Education Methodologies for MET: An approach with Augmented Reality On-site Marine Law, Policy and Education
RAHMAN, Mr. Rezaur    Promotion of Blue Economy in the Bay of Bengal, Maritime Security Challenges and the Role of BIMSTEC On-site Marine Law, Policy and Education
SHARMA, Mr. Aaditya    Freedom of Navigation and India: A policy reading with reference to American actions Virtual Marine Law, Policy and Education
SRIVASTAVA, Mr. PRASHANT    Blue Economy Policy of India On-site Marine Law, Policy and Education
BASHIR, Mr. Obaidullah Ibne     'Application Internet of Things (IoT) to calibrate with IMO 2050 Decarbonization Charters and Phase Out Greenhouse Gases from the Shipping Industry of Bangladesh Virtual Marine Pollution I
BEGUM, Dr. Mehmuna    Assessment of Ennore Oil Spill 2017 on Chennai Coastal Water and Biota On-site Marine Pollution I
GOSWAMI, Dr. Prasun    Plastic pollution and beyond: do microbes hold the key towards a sustainable solution to this global crisis? Virtual Marine Pollution I
MAHESHWAR, Mr. Chilukuri    The Thawing Arctic - A Boon for Shipping or a Bane for Humanity Virtual Marine Pollution I
MOHITE, ABHIJIT    Sustainable management of MARPOL 73-78 ANNEX II Noxious liquid substance Wastes generated from Chemical Tankers at Indian Ports Virtual Marine Pollution I
RAJAKUMARAN, Mr. PRASANNA KUMAR    Real time monitor and control of Marine Sewage Treatment Plant Effluent On-site Marine Pollution I
T, Dr. Kaviarasan    Microplastic contamination in commercially important fish and shellfish from coastal waters of Bay of Bengal along Chennai, southeast coast of India. On-site Marine Pollution I
T, Ms. SURYA    A Novel Approach for Underwater Object Detection to mitigate ocean pollution using Deep Intense-Network Virtual Marine Pollution I
USGAONKAR, Mr. Somendranath    WQ-Net: A Deep Neural Network Model for Water Quality Prediction Virtual Marine Pollution I
BEGUM, Dr. Mehmuna    Microbial contamination in the coastal waters of the southeast coast of India: A comparison of pre and post COVID-19 lockdown scenario On-site Marine Pollution II
MIAH, Lieutenant Commander Rasel    Towards Green Ship Recycle Yard: Worlds Top Recycling Nation Bangladesh Perspective On-site Marine Pollution II
MISHRA, Dr. Pravakar    Anthropogenic impact influences the episodic events in the coastal waters of Chennai metropolitan city On-site Marine Pollution II
S, Mr. Ramasundaram    Marine plastic studies in the Mid-water column of North Indian Ocean On-site Marine Pollution II
T, Dr. Kaviarasan    Comparison of Microplastic abundance in varying depths of deep-sea sediments, Bay of Bengal. On-site Marine Pollution II
MARANDI, Ms. Barsha    Electrolytic manganese dioxide from polymetallic nodules Virtual Mineral Resources
SAHU, Ms. Pooja    Processing of Polymetallic nodules through sulfation roasting-leaching route for extraction of metal values Virtual Mineral Resources
SARANGI, Dr. Chinmaya    Gaseous reduction-smelting process for the recovery of Cu, Ni, Co and Mn from polymetallic nodules Virtual Mineral Resources
SHEIK, Mr. Abdul    Salt splitting of effluents generated from recovery of metals from Polymetallic Manganese Nodules Virtual Mineral Resources
V., Dr. Aishvarya    An Integrated ammonia and acid leaching based process for recovery of metal values from Indian Ocean manganese nodules Virtual Mineral Resources
BALIXA CONSTÂNCIO, Marcos    Development of an algorithm for the calculation of Froude-Krylov and diffraction forces using a multiparameter conformal mapping approach Virtual Naval Architecture
KUMAR, Mr. Hemanth    Experimental Analysis of Stern Flap effects on the Pressure Distribution at Transom stern Virtual Naval Architecture
NAIR, Ms. Anashwara    Resistance Estimation of ships using GEKO Turbulence Model in Ansys Fluent Virtual Naval Architecture
PARVEZ, Mr. Mohammad    Methodology to develop Propeller using Circulation Theory: Review &Application Virtual Naval Architecture
AKRAM, Mr. P    Numerical model of a Multi-Layer Shock and Vibration Isolator Virtual Numerical Simulation I
D, Mr. Gobichandhru    Finite element analysis of sea floor subsidence caused by tunnel like dissociation of gas hydrate in the Krishna Godavari (KG) Basin reservoir setting of the East Coast of India On-site Numerical Simulation I
D, Ms. Nandhini    Investigation of the Optimum Range of Scaling Parameter in a Proposed Horizontal Eddy Viscosity Formulation for a Hydrodynamic Simulation at Gulf of Kutch On-site Numerical Simulation I
K, Ms. SRIMATHY    Numerical Simulation of Storm Surge Using Explicit Finite Element Model for Nivar Cyclone On-site Numerical Simulation I
KISHORE S R, Mr. Nandha    Forecasting of Wind Speed at Offshore Wind Site - A Case Study On-site Numerical Simulation I
KUMARI, Ms. Nutan    The hydrodynamic interaction of turbulent flow with tandem hydrofoils in presence of a free surface Virtual Numerical Simulation I
MATTA, Ms. Gunjan    Analysis of underwater wireless optical communication system capacity over composite channel for different noises Virtual Numerical Simulation I
VINAYACHANDRAN, Prof. P N    Fate and impact of Bay of Bengal River runoff in an intermediate resolution ocean model Virtual Numerical Simulation I
FERNANDES, Lt Col Rhys    Hydrodynamic Response of Floating Pontoon for Seaplane Operation On-site Numerical Simulation II
GEORGE, Mr. Jesbin    Nearshore processes along the Vengurla Coast: An analysis based on measured, modelled and Re-analysis Data Virtual Numerical Simulation II
JENA, Dr. Basanta    Sensitivity analysis of surface wave hindcasts for the Indian Ocean On-site Numerical Simulation II
JOHN, Ms. Jeena    Effect of Monopile Installation on Nearby Breakwater On-site Numerical Simulation II
OGAWA, Tetsuji    Inlier Modeling-Based Good Fishing Ground Detection for Efficient Bullet Tuna Trolling Using Meteorological and Oceanographic Information Virtual Numerical Simulation II
S, Ms. Rohini     Modeling the Impact of Tropical Cyclone Vardah Along the Chennai Coast Virtual Numerical Simulation II
V, Mr. Prabu kumar    Computational hydrodynamics of an offshore intake well with curtain wall On-site Numerical Simulation II
XU, Mr. haibo    High Resolution Modeling of Coastal Circulation Using FVCOM in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands Virtual Numerical Simulation II
CHOWDHURY, Dr. K M Azam    Distribution and driving mechanisms of temperature inversion in the Bay of Bengal: modeling approach Virtual Numerical Simulation III
DUTTA, Mr. SUMAN    Trajectory Simulation of a Ship and Submarine (Using Linear and Non-linear Hydrodynamic Derivatives) using MatLab Virtual Numerical Simulation III
G PILLAI, Ms. MENA    Numerical Modelling of Wave induced Seabed Response On-site Numerical Simulation III
GHORBANI, Mr. Mohammadtaghi    A numerical investigation of a wind-assisted ship to estimate fuel saving Virtual Numerical Simulation III
KUMAR, Mr. Ashok    Numerical study on the performance of a composite marine propeller in self-propulsion condition using the FSI algorithm On-site Numerical Simulation III
LU, Ms. SHUYAN    Numerical Simulation of Microscopic Carbon Dioxide Hydrate Formation in Two-phase Flow Virtual Numerical Simulation III
MAKAR, Ms. PRAGNYA    Numerical simulations of tropical cyclones Amphan and Nisarga with incorporation of sea surface temperature in the model Virtual Numerical Simulation III
NARESH, Mr. Praveen    Turbulent Wake Characteristics of an Object Moving in a Stratified Medium On-site Numerical Simulation III
SINGH, Mr. Sourabh    Comparative study of different bow plane configurations for submarines using CFD Virtual Numerical Simulation III
JIN, Mr. Qianlong    High-Resolution and Accurate Spatial-Temporal Prediction of Oceanographic Fields via Sparse Observations from Marine Vehicle Network using Deep Learning and Data Assimilation Virtual Ocean Data Visualisation and Modelling
KARUNASENA, Mr. Charith    Optimisation of Digital Transformation in Shipping Virtual Ocean Data Visualisation and Modelling
KUSURU, Mr. Durgesh    A Gaussian-Gamma Mixture Model for the Indian Ocean surface wind speed data On-site Ocean Data Visualisation and Modelling
MISHRA, Dr. Pravakar    Assimilation of water quality buoy data for improved forecasting On-site Ocean Data Visualisation and Modelling
MUNNAROO, Ms. Sivanee    Mauritius Ocean Observatory E-platform - the Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure for the Republic of Mauritius Virtual Ocean Data Visualisation and Modelling
PANDEY, Ms. Priya    Investigation of photodetector responsivity on the performance of underwater optical wireless communication systems Virtual Ocean Data Visualisation and Modelling
SAMAYAM, Mr. Satish    Development of Extreme Wave Maps for Indian Territorial Waters On-site Ocean Data Visualisation and Modelling
SUBRAMANIAN, Mr. Ramasundaram    Gateway to Ocean Data Management: Ocean Best Practices, Information and Visualisation for moored ocean observation network. On-site Ocean Data Visualisation and Modelling
GUERCIO, Mr. Andrea    Estimation of the energy producibility of an offshore wave energy converter Virtual Ocean Energy
HALDER, Dr. Paresh    Numerical Analysis of a Floating Body Pendulum Wave Energy Converter Using Vortex Method Virtual Ocean Energy
MARTIN, Mr. Benjamin    OTEC and Advanced Deep Ocean Water Use for Kumejima: An Introduction Virtual Ocean Energy
PATTANAIK, Mr. BIREN    Performance analysis of a laboratory scale Open Cycle OTEC power module On-site Ocean Energy
RAJAGOPALAN, Dr. Krishnakumar    Compact Wave Powered Desalination Unit Virtual Ocean Energy
SAMAYAM, Mr. Satish    Numerical Investigation on the Mean Flow Fields Generated by an Oscillating Sphere On-site Ocean Energy
VELAMURI, Mr. Anirooth    Stability Analysis of a Square Deck Semi-Submersible Platform with Multiple Floating Wind Turbines On-site Ocean Energy
VISHWANATH, Mr. Ashwani    Studies on platform configurations for offshore energy and desalination applications On-site Ocean Energy
DUDHGAONKAR, Mr. Prasad    Harnessing Ocean Thermal Energy for Energy and Desalination ? A Review of Initiatives in India On-site Ocean Energy & Resources
GUERCIO, Mr. Andrea    Life Cycle Assessment applied to a new system for sea wave energy harvesting Virtual Ocean Energy & Resources
GUERCIO, Mr. Andrea    Testing a linear ironless generator for the sea wave energy harvesting Virtual Ocean Energy & Resources
KISHOR, Mr. Anand    Structural Analysis of Open-Sea Submersible Spherical Fish Cage (OSSSFC) On-site Ocean Energy & Resources
M, Dr. Kalyani    Evaluation of Site Specific Constants for Sustained and Cyclonic Wave Energy Assessment in Central Arabian Sea from a Decade of Moored Buoy Measurements and Model Comparison Virtual Ocean Energy & Resources
N, Mr. Thulasi Prasad    Experimental investigations on in-situ properties measurement of gas hydrate systems On-site Ocean Energy & Resources
PATTANAIK, Mr. BIREN    RNN based Disturbance Rejection Model Predictive Control for Waste Heat LTTD Process On-site Ocean Energy & Resources
S, Dr. Thangalakshmi    Renewable Energy Options for Seaports Virtual Ocean Energy & Resources
KAPADIA, AAROHI    Health Hazard Analysis Tool for Safe Diving Practices based on the Acoustic Ecology of the Indian Ocean Region Virtual Ocean Noise
MAHANTY, Dr. Madan    Passive acoustic detection of distant ship crossing signal in deep waters using wavelet denoising technique Virtual Ocean Noise
PAULINE, Ms. S    A Novel Low-Complexity Underwater Acoustic Signal Denoising Technique based on Multi-Stage Adaptive Filter Configuration Virtual Ocean Noise
SUN, Ms. Yilin    Analysis of Chaotic Characteristics of Ship Radiated Noise Signals with Different Data Lengths Virtual Ocean Noise
ANTONY JACOB, Mr. Ashish    Assessment of Structural Integrity of Submerged Concrete Structures Using Quantitative Non-Destructive Techniques Deployed from Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles (ROV) On-site Ocean Observing Platform and Systems I
ARUNACHALAM, Mr. Umapathy    Resin moulded Electro Optic Termination Assembly - design, procedure, testing and qualification On-site Ocean Observing Platform and Systems I
BALAKRISHNAN, Mr. Kesavakumar    Prediction of subsurface oceanographic parameters using machine learning technique based on long term historical in-situ measurements Virtual Ocean Observing Platform and Systems I
GOWTHAMAN, Mr. V    Mixed Layer Study Using Underway Real Time Sea Profiler On-site Ocean Observing Platform and Systems I
KARUPPIAH, Mr. THIRUMURUGAN    Mooring loads on Indian Moored Buoy Systems at Extreme Weather On-site Ocean Observing Platform and Systems I
M V, Ms. Aruna    Heading And Obstacle Avoidance Of Biomimetic Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Using Advanced Control Strategies On-site Ocean Observing Platform and Systems I
SCHMIDT, Mr. Sven    Evaluation of 3-dimensional Electrical Impedance Tomography-Arrays for Underwater Object Detection Virtual Ocean Observing Platform and Systems I
WANG, Mr. Bo    Shipboard power system control based on power fluctuation forecasting for photovoltaic penetrated all-electric ships Virtual Ocean Observing Platform and Systems I
XU, Xin    A Snake Eel Inspired Multi-joint Underwater Inspection Robot for Undersea Infrastructure Intelligent Maintenance Virtual Ocean Observing Platform and Systems I
D, Mr. LEO    Development and Evaluation of Smart Bathymetric Kit On-site Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors 1
K, Mr. Ramesh    Validation of buoy mounted downward looking ADCP using subsurface moored upward looking ADCP On-site Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors 1
KERHALKAR, Mr. Siddhant    Using drifter observations to unearth the mysteries of Monsoons in the Bay of Bengal Virtual Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors 1
LOKAPURE, Mr. Anand    Autonomous Vertical Profiler deployment and its comparison with widely used Argo floats during monsoon in Bay of Bengal Virtual Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors 1
MUTHIAH, Mr. M Arul    Dynamic High frequency Transmission in Moored Data Buoys Triggered During Cyclones On-site Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors 1
NEETTIYATH, Dr. Umesh    Automatic Detection of Buried Mn-crust Layers Using a Sub-bottom Acoustic Probe from AUV Based Surveys Virtual Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors 1
RAMAKRISHNAN, Mr. Harikrishnan    A Novel Wireless Prototype for Measuring Seawater Physical and Chemical Properties Virtual Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors 1
SARANGAPANI, Dr. Sairajan    Multi-frequency Phased Array Transducer for ADCP applications On-site Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors 1
KUMAR, Mr. Manish    Pressure Mapping System for Marine Structure Application: An alternate approach with validation On-site Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors II
P, Ms. Nandini    Employing Fibre Bragg Grating Sensor for High Resolution Salinity and Depth Measurement for Ocean Monitoring Virtual Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors II
RAMIREZ, Ms. Jane Pauline    Design of magnetic coupling-based anti-biofouling mechanism for underwater optical sensors Virtual Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors II
S, Ms. Mubeena    Magnetic Circuit Analysis of Tubular - Direct Drive Linear Generator for Wave Energy Conversion On-site Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors II
S, Mr. Shyammohan    An investigation on underwater acoustic phase measurement in simulated environment Virtual Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors II
S, Mr. VEERARAGAVAN    Optimization of Deep-Sea Profiling Float Based on Ballasting Methodology On-site Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors II
V. P, Mr. Nithin    Beetroot dye - a potential segregator for image analysis based microplastic detection On-site Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors II
WANG, Mr. Jiacong    Towards real-time analysis of marine phytoplankton images sampled at high frame rate by a YOLOX-based object detection algorithm Virtual Oceanographic Instrumentation and Sensors II
GOPIKRISHNA, Mr. CHOCKALINGAM    Ship Recycling -The need of a Life Cycle Approach Virtual Oceanography: physical, geological, chemical, biological
JANA, Dr. Sudip    Sound Speed Variability over Bay of Bengal from Argo Observations (2011-2020) Virtual Oceanography: physical, geological, chemical, biological
K, Mr. Anilkumar    Internal Wave Characteristics from high frequency measurements in the shelf area of the western Bay of Bengal On-site Oceanography: physical, geological, chemical, biological
MORENO, Mr. Felipe    Enhancing Forecast of Ocean Physical Variables through Physics Informed Machine Learning in the Santos Estuary, Brazil Virtual Oceanography: physical, geological, chemical, biological
N, Ms. Sunanda    Impact of climate oscillations on the Net Primary Productivity of the Indian and Pacific Oceans On-site Oceanography: physical, geological, chemical, biological
PETER, Mr. Rony    Modelling the oceanic pCO2 in the North Indian Ocean On-site Oceanography: physical, geological, chemical, biological
S, Ms. Swethaa    Predictive Modelling for Healthy Marine Life and Ecosystem using Ensemble Techniques On-site Oceanography: physical, geological, chemical, biological
SIL, Dr. Sourav    Seasonal Circulation of Gulf of Khambhat, India using High-Frequency Radars Virtual Oceanography: physical, geological, chemical, biological
ALIYAR, Mr. Sithik    Breaking focused wave interaction with cylinder using HOS-OpenFOAM coupling Virtual Offshore Structures
BACHIMANCHI, Pranitha    Peridynamic Analysis of Offshore Jacket Structures On-site Offshore Structures
CANARD, Mr. Maxime    Experimental reproduction of an extreme sea state in two wave tanks at various generation scales Virtual Offshore Structures
GEORGE, Mr. Siddharth    Study on effects of truncation and scaling of mooring lines of a FPSO Virtual Offshore Structures
JOTHINATHAN, Mr. Satheesh    Response Control of Fixed Offshore Structure with Wind Turbine Using MR Damper Virtual Offshore Structures
KANOTRA, Mr. Rahul    Floating Solar Photovoltaic Mooring System Design and Analysis On-site Offshore Structures
R, Prof. Sundaravadivelu    Effects of incident wave directions and mooring line configurations on spar platform with damping plate On-site Offshore Structures
SUBRAMANIAN, Mr. SARVALOGAPATHI    A numerical investigation of flow past helically discrete straked (HDS) cylinder at sub-critical Re. On-site Offshore Structures
ANSARI, Mr. MD IRSHAD    One-dimensional heat distribution simulation in heavy oil reservoirs during steam flooding methods Virtual Petroleum Engineering
BARMAN, Geetika    Interpolation of Subsurface Isopach Maps Using Mathematical Morphology Virtual Petroleum Engineering
BHATEJA, Mr. Shivay    Application of Fluorescence Spectroscopy to study the effects of Flow Improvers on Waxy Crude Oil On-site Petroleum Engineering
KHAN, Mr. Fahad    Enhanced Performance of Low Salinity Water Flooding Process Using Potassium Based Monovalent Salts On-site Petroleum Engineering
MITTAL, Mr. Govind    Experimental Investigations of novel fatty oil based lubricant-enhanced water based drilling mud via lubricity coefficient, filtration loss and rheological characterization On-site Petroleum Engineering
SRIVASTAV, Mr. Harshad    Evidence of Fluid in a Back-arc basin near Narcondam Island using high-resolution reflection seismic data Virtual Petroleum Engineering
ANTONY JACOB, Mr. Ashish    Non-Destructive Testing of Quay Walls Using Submersible Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) In Waterways Around the North Sea Coast On-site Remotely operated vehicles
DEY, Mr. Siddharth    Towards mission-specific characterization of the diving performance of an underwater glider On-site Remotely operated vehicles
RAVICHANDRAN, Mr. Santhosh    Accelerated testing and results of underwater electric thrusters for mini observation class ROVs On-site Remotely operated vehicles
VARSHNEY, Ms. Nidhi    Simulation of Two Tracked Crawler Control: Laboratory Model Development and Implementation On-site Remotely operated vehicles
NEWALIYA, Mr. Nitin    AIS data - Enabler in Marine Spatial Planning Virtual SDG - 14
R, Mrs Revathy    Noise in Undersea Acoustic Channels Virtual SDG - 14
SILVA, Prof. Eduardo    ProtoAtlantic: Innovation in the Marine Environment in the Atlantic Area Region Virtual SDG - 14
WARDANI, Kartika    Awareness Level of Visual Treatment to Reduce Motion Sickness Symptom in Inter-Island Ship Passenger. Virtual SDG - 14
RIXON FUCHS, Ms. Louise    GAN-enhanced simulated sonar images for deep learning based detection and classification Virtual Sonar Imaging
STEELE, Ms. Shannon-Morgan    Square SAS: Multi-Aspect Imaging with a Towed Synthetic Aperture Sonar Virtual Sonar Imaging
WANG, Mr. Yusheng    Simulator-aided Edge-based Acoustic Camera Pose Estimation Virtual Sonar Imaging
ZHOU, Xiaoteng    Nonlinear Intensity Sonar Image Matching based on Deep Convolution Features Virtual Sonar Imaging
BABU T P, Mr. Sameer    Performance of OTFS and OCDM Schemes in Underwater Acoustic Communication Channels On-site Sonar Signal I
CAMPAGNARO, Dr. Filippo    Underwater Acoustic Modem for a MOrphing Distributed Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (MODA) Virtual Sonar Signal I
DAS, Ms. Shreya    Bearing-only tracking using range-parameterized shifted Rayleigh filter Virtual Sonar Signal I
K, Ms. Chithra    A Method to Calibrate Phased Hydrophone Array Elements in Near Field On-site Sonar Signal I
LI, Shengquan    Measurement and Extraction of Micro-Doppler Feature of Underwater Rotating Target Echo Virtual Sonar Signal I
RAJAPAN, Dr. DHILSHA    Importance of Underwater Acoustic Imaging Technologies for Oceanographic Applications - A Brief Review Virtual Sonar Signal I
SHARMA, Mr. Umesh    Third-Order Cumulants-Based Method To Estimate 2-D DOAs Of Multiple Sources Using An AVS On-site Sonar Signal I
SINGH, Mr. ROHIT    Passive Target Motion Analysis in 3D Using Multipath Time Delay Measurements Virtual Sonar Signal I
ZAKHARIA, Prof. Manell    Hybrid sonar systems for the detection and classification of UXO On-site Sonar Signal I
A, Mr. Thirunavukkarasu    Design of a subsea pressure housing for the ambient noise measurement system in the Arctic region On-site Sonar Signal II
DAI, Mr. Yan    Scattering Effect on Array Gain of MVDR Beamforming of Conformal Array Virtual Sonar Signal II
GURUGOPINATH, Prof. Sanjeev    Residual data vector method of underwater acoustic source localization by a three-dimensional array On-site Sonar Signal II
MENAKATH, Ms. MIMISHA    Exploring time domain beamforming algorithm for underwater 3D acoustic imaging Virtual Sonar Signal II
NAIR, Mr. Baiju    Adaptive Beamformer based Left-Right Ambiguity Resolution Using Twin array Virtual Sonar Signal II
PAREKKADAN SUNNY, Mr. Shine    Parallel Sorting based OS-CFAR Implementation Virtual Sonar Signal II
S, Ms. NEETHU    Modelling of sea surface coupled losses in surface duct propagation On-site Sonar Signal II
THOMAS C, Ms. Tincy    A GAN-based Super Resolution Model for Efficient Image Enhancement in Underwater Sonar Images On-site Sonar Signal II
ZETTERBERG, Dr. Per    Capon with steering vector errors Virtual Sonar Signal II
JOHN, Fabian    Spectral Ultrasonic Underwater Buried Object Detection and Localization Virtual Sonar Signal III
KOTESWARA RAO, Dr. S     Neural Extended/Unscented Kalman Filter for Submarine Passive Target Tracking Virtual Sonar Signal III
SEN GUPTA, Dr. Ananya    Geometric Feature Representation in Active Sonar Signal Processing Virtual Sonar Signal III
ZHOU, Dr. Yuyuan    A trajectory-oriented Possion Multi-Bernoulli mixture method for matched field tracking to achieve trajectory continuity Virtual Sonar Signal III
ABRAHAM, Ms. Gilu    Compressed Sensing based Tow ship Interference Cancellation and Target detection in Shallow Ocean Virtual Sonar Signal IV
NARAYANAN M, Mr. Prakash    Design and Implementation Considerations for a 3D Beamformer on State-of-the-Art Multicore Processors Virtual Sonar Signal IV
PETER, Mr. Rubin    Computationally Efficient Active Sonar Detector for Pulse Train FM Virtual Sonar Signal IV
ZHANG, Ms. Xinrui    VAMP based Frequency-Domain Turbo Equalization for MIMO Horizontal Underwater Acoustic Communications Virtual Sonar Signal IV
GUO, Dr. Yue    Interference striation based particle filter tracking for target depth in the reliable acoustic path Virtual Sonar Signal V
GUO, Dr. Yue    A Bayesian Method for Sediments Sound Speed Structure Inversion with Seabed Multipath Time Delay in Deep Sea Virtual Sonar Signal V
KOTESWARA RAO, Dr. S     Passive Target Tracking in Underwater Environment using Bearing and Frequency Measurements Virtual Sonar Signal V
KOTESWARA RAO, Dr. S     Neural Unscented Kalman Filter for Submarine Active Target Tracking Virtual Sonar Signal V
KUMAR, Mr. Bipin    Effect of Misalignment of the Sensitive Axes of Accelerometers on the Performance of Highly Directional Acoustic Vector Sensor Virtual Sonar Signal V
NIU, Mr. Zihan    An Array Design of a Smallest Column Pressure Electro-Acoustic Flow Sensor Virtual Sonar Signal V
WANG, Xuan    A KPCA Detector Based on Observation Matrix of HLA in Uncertain Shallow-water Environment Virtual Sonar Signal V
HE, Ms. Jiawen    Solving Differential Equations with Neural Networks: Application to the Normal-mode Equation of Sound Field under the Condition of Ideal Shallow Water Waveguide Virtual Sound propagation and scattering
PATRA, Mr. Rishabh    AI & ML based Implementation of the Underwater Channel Model in the Tropical Littoral Waters of the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) Virtual Sound propagation and scattering
ZHANG, Shaodong    Estimation of acoustic transfer function by using genetic algorithm Virtual Sound propagation and scattering
ZHOU, Manli    Underwater acoustic channel modeling under different shallow seabed topography and sediment environment Virtual Sound propagation and scattering
ALI, Mr. Mark    Fault Detection in AUV navigation: a computationally inexpensive approach On-site Student Posters I
HEGDE, Mr. Kishan    Estimating Sway Hydrodynamic Derivatives of a submerged body at varying depths from Free Surface using Computational Fluid Dynamics. Virtual Student Posters I
KUKRETI, Mr. AMAN    Resistance Estimation of a Submerged Body at Varying Depths from the Free Surface Using Computational Fluid Dynamics Virtual Student Posters I
RASTOGI, Mr. ASHUTOSH    Cavitation Visualisation and Prediction of Propeller Characteristics of INSEAN E779A Propellor Using Sliding Mesh Model Virtual Student Posters I
SEKIMORI, Yuki    AUV ARIEL: Computer-Vision-Driven Intervention Processed on a Small Single-Board Computer Virtual Student Posters I
SRIVASTAVA, Ms. Rashi    Analysis of Sea Waves and Ship Wake Detection Virtual Student Posters I
WENG, Mr. Yang    Sim-to-Real Transfer for Underwater Wireless Optical Communication Alignment Policy between AUVs Virtual Student Posters I
ALBAYRAK, Dr. Arif    Combining Remote and In-situ Sensing for Persistent Monitoring of Water Quality Virtual Student Posters II
BOZZI, Mr. Fabricio    Vector Hydrophone Passive Time Reversal for Underwater Acoustic Communications Virtual Student Posters II
MACAS, Ms. Lady    Investigation of suitable areas for integrated multi-trophic culture of Kappaphycus alvarezii and Crassostrea gigas in Santa Elena-Ecuador. On-site Student Posters II
PADRAO, Mr. Paulo    Towards Learning Ocean Models for Long-term Navigation in Dynamic Environments Virtual Student Posters II
WANG, Ms. Yaomei    An experimental study of the cooperation between sonar and a fluorometer for detecting underwater oil using autonomous underwater vehicles Virtual Student Posters II
YANG, Mr. Zhiding    A Temporal Convolutional Network for Wave Height Estimation from X-band Radar Data Virtual Student Posters II
BHOSALE, Mr. Subodh    Design of a Health Monitoring System for SCUBA Divers Virtual Student Posters III
CS, Mr. Sai Ganesh    Machine Learning Based Classification and Modelling of Underwater Acoustic Communication On-site Student Posters III
LI, Dr. XiaoGang    A Fuzzy SMC with Neural Networks Approach for Path Tracking of AUV Virtual Student Posters III
TANG, Ms. Ying    Autonomous Underwater Rescue Technology Virtual Student Posters III
TATA, Ms. Nandini    Real-Time classification of Plankton species using Convolutional Neural Networks On-site Student Posters III
ZHAO, Mr. Fan    New method of mussel survey by using high-resolution acoustic video camera-ARIS and deep learning Virtual Student Posters III
PERIYASAMY, Ms. Sivaselvi    Broadband scattering models for acoustic time-fronts in deep water On-site Underwater Acoustics and Acoustical Oceanography
RADHAKRISHNAN, Dr. Sreeram    Geoacoustic inversion using bottom loss data froman acoustic propagation experiment in the Ayeyarwady continental shelf, Andaman Sea On-site Underwater Acoustics and Acoustical Oceanography
C V, Mr. Vipin    Numerical Study on General Aircraft Carrier (GAC) burble with different ski jump Angles On-site Vehicle Design I
CHINNAPAIYAN, Mr. Janarthanan    Light Weight Nodule Collection System for Deep Sea Mining Machine On-site Vehicle Design I
CRUZ, Nuno    An Autonomous System for Collecting Water Samples from the Surface Virtual Vehicle Design I
K, Ms. AMUDHA    Development of a subsea continuous feed rotary system for local transport of Polymetallic nodules to the intermediate pump system On-site Vehicle Design I
R R, Mr. Mouliswar    Computational Fluid Dynamic Study on the Effect of Winglet Addition in Flapping Hydrofoils to Evaluate the Propulsive Performance of Wave Gliders Virtual Vehicle Design I
RATIYALAGE, Mr. Yasun    CFD based Autonomous Surveillance Vessel Design for Maritime Environments Virtual Vehicle Design I
SINDAGI, Dr. Sudhir    The Energy Economics of Air Lubrication System On-site Vehicle Design I
SINGH, Mr. Prabhkirat    Review and Design of Buoyancy Engine for Underwater Glider operating at Shallow Depth Virtual Vehicle Design I
ARAVIND, Mr. Gnanaraj    Deployment Loads of Large Systems to Deep Waters by Aramid Umbilical Cable On-site Vehicle Design II
S, Mr. Gopinath    Numerical Study on a Planning Hull to Improve the Sea Water Intake at High Speed On-site Vehicle Design II
T, Mr. Jebin Samuvel    Numerical Estimation of Frictional Drag on a Flat Plate in Shallow Water With & Without BDR On-site Vehicle Design II
BEHRJE, Ulrich    AUV-based Quay Wall Inspection Using a Scanning Sonar-based Wall Following Algorithm Virtual Vehicle Navigation I
DALLOLIO, Mr. Alberto    ENC-based Anti-Grounding and Anti-Collision System for a Wave-Propelled USV On-site Vehicle Navigation I
HE, Mr. Hans    Use of Falsification to Find Rare Failure Modes of a Ship Collision Avoidance Algorithm Virtual Vehicle Navigation I
LIU, Dr. Kai    Research on Key Methods of Autonomous sailboat's Position Keeping Control Virtual Vehicle Navigation I
M, Mr. GOKULAKRISHNAN    Numerical prediction of hydrodynamic forces and moments of KCS in shallow water On-site Vehicle Navigation I
OEVERAAS, Mr. Henning    Predicting the Speed of a Wave-Propelled Autonomous Surface Vehicle Using Metocean Forecasts Virtual Vehicle Navigation I
PELLEGRINO, Mr. Paolo    Nukhada USV: a Robot for Autonomous Surveying and Support to Underwater Operations Virtual Vehicle Navigation I
PINTO, Dr. MARC    Full Ocean Depth Unbiased Speed over Ground Estimation using a 3D Ultra Short Baseline Interferometric Doppler Velocity Sonar On-site Vehicle Navigation I
ADAMS, Mr. JOHNSON    A Model Predictive Controller (MPC) for the Path Following of a KVLCC2 tanker in waves On-site Vehicle Navigation II
BUSSE, Mr. Christian    Assessment of Underwater Positioning Accuracy of Acoustic Modems Using Real-Time Kinematic GNSS Virtual Vehicle Navigation II
D, Mr. LEO    Unmanned Autonomous Surface Vehicle for the Shallow Water Bathymetry Applications On-site Vehicle Navigation II
KUMAGAI, Dr. Hidenori    Near bottom MBES survey mounted on a HOV at 5500m depth Virtual Vehicle Navigation II
MA, Ms. Xiaojuan    Distributed formation control of a fleet of underwater gliders Virtual Vehicle Navigation II
RAVICHANDRAN, Mr. Ramesh    Underwater dynamic position location of miner with respect to mother ship On-site Vehicle Navigation II
SIVARAJ, Mr. Sivaraman    Heading control of a ship based on Deep Reinforcement Learning (RL) On-site Vehicle Navigation II
UPPAL, Mr. Himanshu    Performance monitoring insight using Predictive Analytics: A step towards IMO's GHG emission goals 2030 Virtual Vehicle Navigation II
MADAKA, Dr. Rama Mohan rao    Vibration Analysis of Fibre Glass Contra Rotating Propeller of Fishing Vessel Virtual Vehicle Performance
NARAYANAN, Mr. Jayagopal    Correlation between Propulsion Engine with Propulsor Using VanOortmerssen Method for Fishing Vessels - A Mathematical Approach Virtual Vehicle Performance
VIJAY, Mr. Aswin    Identification of Hydrodynamic Coefficients using Support Vector Regression Virtual Vehicle Performance
WANG, Dr. Jian    Collision Avoidance Strategies for Unmanned Surface Vehicles Based on Probabilistic Game Theory Framework Virtual Vehicle Performance